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Our forest pre-school is the first outdoor nursery in Shropshire! We love the space and flexibility of being outside and so do our children!

Run by a qualified teacher, there is a relaxed philosophy in our school, we aim to give children the freedom to find their own ways to learn, in their own time. Children watch their environment change through the seasons, learn to take care of themselves and others, follow their own interests and develop their own projects. It is a special place for learning and a lot of fun!

Parent Recommendations

” When you ask your muddy faced child what they did at school today and they say “I did painting and being happy” how could we not recommend this amazing place where children can truly be themselves. “

We adore Forest School at Park Hall Farm. The environment is perfect for children to explore and learn through nature and play.

I’m all gush about Park Hall Forest School – the BEST nursery we could have dreamed up for our wild, outdoorsy son.

I knew Forest School was for us but I was blown away when we found this one, exceeding all expectations this nursery is everything we love about learning, nurturing and discovery all in the best setting of all. 

The staff are wonderful with clear intentions and a belief in their method of learning and care. They have welcomed us as a whole family not just our son.

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” The teachers say that, once children get into the swing of being independent, they are rarely called on and the toys are all abandoned in favour of role-playing games, building projects and “experiments” “

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” It is my vision that all children can benefit from the freedom of learning our way and become resourceful adults who care for their world. “

Lara’s Vision

Who Will You Find In The Forest


Qualified Teacher and Forest School Leader. Nursery Owner and Registered Person. Safe-Guarding Lead. First Aider. Mum of 3.

Will be thinking about how to make a new swing, getting the fire going for the next batch of treats, telling a story to everyone at base camp or swinging in a hammock chatting.


Graduate of Early Childhood Studies and Forest School Leader. Deputy. First Aider. Key Worker.

Will be hunting for insects or visiting the animals and watching for changes, she may be also cooking up a storm in the mud kitchen. Laura has also worked on the farm for many years and so is very knowledgeable about the livestock. Laura is most motivated in helping children find their inner strength and confidence, she patiently helps them to try things gradually encouraging them to find independence.


Level 3 Teaching Assistant of many years experience and Nana of 4!

Will be singing! Heather is excellent at dreaming up new games to encourage team bonding, she also shows her magic touch when settling new children. She is an expert in following the children’s interests and elevating their learning to the next step. She has green fingers too and is our resident gardener!


Level 3 Teaching Assistant. Safe Guarding Deputy and Mum of 3 Key Worker

Will be busy creating something new for us to climb on and also making sure that the beautiful forest environment is maintained. She likes to ensure all of the children are developing their real-life mathematics skills by practising weighing and measuring and giving the children practical challenges.


Level 2 Teaching Assistant, First Aid leader and administrative whizz! Key Worker

Will be painting, making or reading stories. All importantly she is also the mistress of the kitchen and so we must keep her happy to get our snacks! Charlotte is particularly interested in enriching the children’s vocabulary.


Level 2 Teaching Assistant and wonderful playmaker! Keyworker.

Amy is the youngest member of our gang who came to us fresh out of college. She is patient and excellent at giving the children the tiniest of nudges to help them learn in. Amy most likes concocting in the mud kitchen and painting projects. She has surprised herself at how much she enjoys being outside (even in the rain) and how much she has benefited from spending time in our gorgeous forest.


Retired Deputy Headmaster, Bushcraft know-it-all and general Jack of All Trades.

Greg will be teaching the children to build a den to hide in, cooking us up a delight on the campfire or showing his skills with a whittling knife. We are very lucky to have Greg pop by to see us each week, he adds another dimension to the children’s learning with his survival skills.

Always a New Adventure!

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