Over the years we have had lots of children who have simply not wanted to leave the forest school experience behind them!

They have delayed school entry until their 5th birthday to join Reception when they were more ready or they have deferred entry for a whole year. Some families have decided to follow a home education pathway and make forest school a part of it. We have other children who have found that formal schooling was not for them. We offer children up to around 8 years old the opportunity to join us in the forest as part of our “tribal learning group”, all ages mixed together learning at their own speed with interested adults to help them along the way.

Older children gain the responsibility of being leaders in the group, role models and facilitators for younger siblings and peers. It helps shape their identity as part of a community and teaches them tolerance and appreciation for the learning they themselves have already gained. Older children often choose to follow projects in woodwork with the tools and are given more in depth instruction and guidance from Lara, Laura and Greg, they are also given responsibilities for fire building and cooking.

Always a New Adventure!

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